Sunday, 22 January 2012

Embroidery hoops

Today I thought I'd share with you a tutorial on how to make beautiful fabric hoops for your walls. They look fabulous bunched together on a wall and I think are much better than a picture frame! If you're the crafty type they allow you to showcase your favourite fabrics too! My favourite fabric designer is Heather Bailey (used on the largest hoop).  There's no better way to admire your favourite fabrics than hanging them on the wall to admire whilst your crafting.

I used a mix of Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and Tanya Whelan  fabrics

The hoops are inexpensive from craft stores - I got mine for around three dollars from Spotlight.

Here's one tutorial I found on riley blake from the lovely Angela Elsworth of blog "Aged Simplicity". Follow her instructions for painting the hoops or see my ultra basic instructions below!

So grab your hoop and cut out a piece of fabric in a circle, larger than the hoop (you want enough excess to adjust the fabric and to glue down if you're going to glue)...
Iron and starch the fabric
Pop the fabric in the hoop and tighten the frame whilst pulling the fabric through the hoop, so there is no overlapping of fabric. You can trim the excess fabric and then glue it to the hoop. I didn't glue the fabric in, in case I find another favourite fabric (highly likely!) to replace the current ones with, so I just trimmed the fabric right back to the frame edge once I was happy there was no fabric overlapping on the front. 
Then hang your work of art on the wall!

Other tips for the hoops: 
Paint the hoop if you want to add a 'pop' of colour to the hoop, they can stand out better on the wall (I liked the wood effect best).
I found that spraying the fabric with STARCH first and ironing the fabric allows the fabric to have a crisper and stiffer appearance and the fabric won't appear to sag if you haven't done the hoops up tight.
To hang the hoops on the wall, allow the top of the hoop fastener to sit wider than the nail; the hoop should then sit flush on the wall. 
If the fabric is thin and you can see through it, you could add some calico behind it or some iron on light interfacing. The calico is good if you have dark walls and light fabrics. 
Add embellishments or sew ric rac across the fabric to store your crochet hooks in too! Add pockets for scissors etc by sewing a pocket onto the fabric piece before adding it to the hoop.  
Here's the hoops I did for my sewing studio:

Do you like my peach coloured paint!?!

Happy crafting!

Kate x

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