Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Martha......clipboards and label makers...

So here's another post on books that I love - this one is from the queen of craft - Martha Stewart - her Encyclopedia of Sewing and Craft Fabrics. 

I first came across this book when I visited my local library in need of a crafty book for some inspiration.  I found this book on the shelves and when I got it home I couldn't put it down - I was hooked.  Numerous library renewals later and I received the book for Christmas from a lovely friend.

The book is an excellent read for any level of crafter - from beginners through to experienced craft-a-holics. It details everything from types of materials, to sewing and craft tools, to fabrics and then there's the projects - it is full of easy projects to do at home with easy to follow instructions. It covers applique techniques and designs, embroidery stitching instructions, how to dye fabrics, how to make beautiful blinds, how to upholster furniture, patterns for wall decor, crafty things for sewing, how to organise your craft space...the list is endless (well there's 150 projects so the book does end!).

I found this book one of the better 'all round' crafting books out there on the market especially if you're hunting down different projects to try with different mediums. I've made a few projects from the book and would love to try the ottoman below ...

I LOVE this ottoman - such a classic piece!

The blinds in the book are lovely and the instructions are very easy to follow 
 Yes I'mm a crafty nanna (at the age of 29!!) but I love this book and all the crafty things in it! 

So whilst we're talking about Martha, I thought I'd share a project from her website for clipboards - I have a board that's ready to be decorated for my sewing room - it will be my 'to do list' board.  I love the office picture below too - it really shows how good and organised an office can look!  One thing I recently bought was a LABEL MAKER. Best thing in the world and it's pink! I thought it would be one of those 'useless' items you buy and never use but I have already gone through two tapes labeling everything and the best bit is I am already putting things back where I got them from!! Especially in my sewing studio - it's great for my sewing cabinet trays as everything now has its label and its place. I got this one from Officeworks for around $40 and it came with a tape (bonus!). This type had the cheapest price for the refills on tapes too (extra bonus!). 
My Dymo label maker - best invention ever!!
Image courtesy of Martha Stewart.com 

So here's how to be extra organised and decorate your clip board:
* Choose some decorative papers.
* Make a template by tracing around the shape of the board onto cardstock, making a notch at the clamp.  Then use this template to trace onto the back of the paper; then cut it out. 
* Brush some glue onto the board and place the paper on the board, aligning the edges and smoothing out the bubbles. (I used a ruler edge to smooth it out). 
They're great as they double as functional office ware and as a funky art piece!!
Happy crafting! 
Kate x


  1. Love the clip boards. Wish I could make my own curtains!

  2. Thanks for your comment Beth! I can make curtains but I don't think they'd turn out as well as Martha's! xx

  3. Lovely blog, wish I was a bit more creative!


    1. thanks for stopping by Kim, i checked out your blog today and love your rings - very cool - and your puppy too!x


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