Sunday, 15 January 2012

a little bit of yum!

So I made french macarons yesterday - I have been practicing the art of making them for a few months now and can say that I have my system of making them 'down pat'. I make the version where the sugar is uncooked as I find the sugar syrup system is very time consuming. Here's a pic of the result - chocolate ganache in the middle of course!

Kate x


  1. hi Kate - just saw that you became a follower on my blog so thought i'd pop over and see yours in return. did you find my blog through your love of macarons? did you see these and these

    I love making macarons - not so keen on eating them but they make great gifts.

    thanks for stopping by. hope you enjoy my blog. I'm just going to look around yours now.
    cheers Fiona

  2. Hi Fiona, thanks for visiting! I did see your lovely macarons, I wish mine would 'grow' feet as big as yours - they look fantastic! I love the way you decorated them too - I have dust like that and always used it on cupcakes. I am keen to keep baking macarons and i want to try a few out this year and try to get them with vivid colours - lots of trial and error I think. I love your furniture too - especially the Christmas cabinet so chic! You've inspired me to repaint a chest of drawers that I painted years ago. Thanks for the inspiration and looking forward to more of your blog x Kate


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