Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A special gift....

Today I had a lovely gift given to my by a gorgeous friend of mine who is also a 'k'. The gift was a book. Now to any normal and sane person who is not a sewer or lover of fabrics, the receiver would probably say - "wow a sewing book". However it was not just ANY book, it's a fabulous book in fact, that any lover of fine fabrics, thread, buttons and bows would adore; it was Tanya Whelan's new book "Sew What You Love" !! Yes, I let out a massive squeal  - well a squeal inside my head anyway, as I was at work and my boss was in the room! I then did a happy dance too to top it off.  The most beautiful book of all was in my hot little hands and as I perused it's beautiful pages I swooned and "aaaahhed" as I picked out everything I would soon be sewing!

The lovely card Miss K gave me xx

So as the year goes on I will update you with reviews of the projects I sew from the book and hopefully I'll add a few new things to my sewing repertoire.  My favourite pattern of all would have to be the shirred dress below - it's a lovely cut and flattering design - perfect for a lazy afternoon sipping latte's and reading the paper.
There's so many things to sew including clutch purses, bags, baby blocks, clothing and home decor pieces too.
The book is gorgeous! It will be one to pass down the line and it's functional too with it's spiral binding; great for flipping pages as you sew!

A big thanks to miss K for the best gift a sewing girl could ask for!                                                                                                      

                                                                                   happy sewing xxx
                                                                                                                   Kate x

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