Sunday, 15 January 2012

Welcome to One Pink Tulip...

Welcome to One Pink Tulip!

I'm excited to bring to you this blog which is a a little bit of everything I love - sewing(!), crafty tips, tutorials, recipes, book reviews and all things 'pink tulip' - my Australian handmade children's clothing and homewares label ♥

My love of sewing goes way back, when I watched my Oma sew on her Pfaff. She used to make me beautiful sundresses. I then took up the art and learnt to sew on my mother's Pfaff, making clothes for myself and then a few years ago my husband bought me the same model. 
I continued to make myself lovely dresses and clothes and then my foray into homewares began when I began handcrafting kitchen aprons. I was soon making them for family and the natural progression to a business resulted with my own clothing label and my love affair with fabric continuing.

I will forever continue to sew and whether or not I make money is not the point of it all - it's what makes me happy. Sitting behind my machine with a cup of tea and a beautiful stream of fabric running through the foot is bliss! So I hope you like the blog as much as I enjoy writing it! Hopefully this will be a journey of discovery for both of us! K x

Here is a pic below of the beautiful city I live in - Townsville otherwise known as 'the tropics'.