Monday, 20 February 2012

Great loves - tea and fabric ♥

2 great loves - coffee and beautiful fabric! 

So I have spent the last few days designing, cutting and sewing a new range of dresses for our label and was inspired by the beautiful fabric I was using, to make myself a tea cup pin cushion (I can't stand to waste beautiful fabrics!).

I've seen a few cushion cups around on the web and started looking for a cup a while ago. I really wanted a pink spotty cup but until I find the perfect one, I picked up this vintage white set from a garage sale. It's little, cute and perfect ♥.

The cup before.....

Now I'm all for 'permanent status' however I wanted to make my cushion cup changeable so that if I ever get tired of the gorgeous fabric and embellishments I can change them, so I decided not to glue anything into the cup.

So here's what I did....

First, I cut a large scrap of fabric out in a circle shape and placed my stuffing in the middle. I have heard that filling pin cushions with sand will keep your needles sharp. Since I didn't have nice sand in my yard, I used my stuffing.
So once the stuffing was in place, I handstitched some slip stitches around the stuffing to make a stuffed ball. I kept pulling the fabric in tighter using the stiches to make it taught - the tighter the ball is, the better - no creases in the fabric and your pins will look perfect sitting up.


I then stuffed my ball right side up into the cup and added my embellishments. To keep it 'changeable' I used pins to pin everything on, placing them behind the embellishments so they couldn't be seen.

I used a pretty pink crochet flower to decorate the top and hot glued a flat back pearl to the middle. I also used some pretty pink ribbon as a bow and placed the pin in behind the bow front.

Oh 'sew' pretty!

A paper doily added a vintage touch to the saucer.....and there you have it! My pretty tea cup pin cushion is finished (and is totally changeable)!


I'll have photos up this week of our new line of dresses using the floral fabric pictured xx

Speaking of pins we're now on Pinterest - now there's another addiction to add to the list (I think it's up there with buying fabric)!

Happy pinning!

Kate x 


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