Sunday, 26 February 2012


Happiness, it's a bit elusive sometimes isn't it? For me happiness is the contentment you get when you're happy with your little lot in life. You've found the perfect address and the key fits the lock.
Sometimes though, the key fits the lock but it's hard to turn.  Happiness some days, can be a little hard to find! Sometimes we get a little down due to work commitments, friendships gone astray, bills to pay, you've a bad week (I had two flat batteries this week on the same morning - what are the odds of that happening!?! ) family troubles, money matters - the list can sometimes feel like it's endless!

I was reading an article in our paper this week which said that we all get so busy with technology, kids, work meetings, etc. and our to do lists are so long, that when you wake in the morning and have your cup of coffee, or your one quiet shower (alone! for those that have kids),  that half the time is spent thinking about these things; your to do list, the work meeting you have that morning, the bills to pay.... we spend so much time thinking this way, that whilst you're physically in the shower, you're already at your work meeting, going over and over in your head the minutes of the meeting, what's going to happen vs what could happen. Half the time the meeting's over and you're already at the office morning tea! We ignore the fact that we're having a shower, that we're having a delicious coffee; the everyday things we're ignoring - and it's these things that generally make us happy.

 So the one tip the article gave was to 'live in the moment' to be 'present'. At first I thought, 'What was this person going on about!?' But it made sense! Rather than standing in the shower thinking about things, think about where you are NOW, then and there and take in your surrounds. Half the time when we're talking to people, we veer off in our heads to other places/things/to do lists etc. All we need to do is stop!  Stop worrying about the meeting and the kids lunches and all the rest of the thoughts and be present - now - experience 'now'.
 I love the idea of not thinking about things like this as sometimes it really is unfair to ourselves and our families, it takes away from the precious time we do have.  So I've decided to have a 'interFUNtion' (to borrow from those SATC girls) - and do the opposite - do what makes me happy and try to do it ALL the time, not just part of the time.... and when I start thinking about work and things I have to do, I'll have to tell myself to STOP!!! and........(insert 'me' at 'you').......

So on the topic of happiness, a lovely lady left a comment on my blog - her name is Naomi Ellis and she has a lovely blog called 'Seven Cherubs' - Naomi is an inspiration - she's a writer and has 7 kids!! She blogs about writing, her kids and finding happiness.....♥
She has come up with a list of  '30 days of Happiness' with the incentive that each day you do something which makes you happy. I LOVE the idea...see the list below...I like 'be brave' and 'have a happy colour' .....

Courtesy of Seven Cherubs blog

So with that in mind for 30 days I'll be trying to slow down, not do so much 'thinking' and get stuck into the stuff I love!

Here's the start of my list.....
Some of the things that make me happy are...
♥ rain - the smell, look, touch and taste!
♥ sewing - beautiful fabric feeding through my machine...
♥ chai lattes...creamy soy milk with cinnamon on top....
♥ running and weight training - 5km
♥ kayaking.....travelling to islands through the place ever!
♥ spending time with my best man friend x
♥ baking...macarons, Hummingbird cake...the list goes on...
♥ the colour coral - such a bright happy place
♥ home decorating - I love choosing fabrics and paint colours and seeing a project finished!
♥ flowers - there's nothing more special than flowers - even better when you've grown them yourself!

AND Audrey Hepburn quotes like this one:

courtesy of pinterest

Speaking of happiness - I'm off to the markets to spend a lovely morning with my girlfriends, a chai latte and my crochet hook!

Hope you find your happiness today ♥

      Kate x 


  1. Thank you so much for the mention in your post. Love your happiness list. I am trying to finish off a few other blog topics I started so I can do another happiness project on my blog. I had so much fun last time. N x

    1. Hi Naomi, no worries, I was very impressed with your blog and thanks for the inspiration. Kate xx

  2. Well Kate, that was just beautiful, you just made me start my day with a big smile...and now on your advice I'm off to do something I love!! K x

  3. I think I can guess what that is Miss K!xx


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