Wednesday, 15 February 2012

my favourite patterns

I'm sitting here deciding whether to sew myself another dress - I have so much fabric it's ridiculous (and that's just for myself and not pink tulip!). I love sewing and creating pieces for my wardrobe, it gives you a real sense of accomplishment when you've finished. I find myself time and time again going to the stores, seeing nothing I like (which are usually highly priced and of poor quality) so I come home, find a pattern and fabric and start sewing. By the time I'm finished the handcrafted piece usually only costs me less than $50 to create. So if you haven't sewn for yourself before, now's the time to start, you'll be 'sew' glad you did!  Here are some of my favourite patterns...

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Cynthia Rowley - I love her designs - I have made this gorgeous dress a couple of times as it's such a lovely fit. I changed the pattern a little and added a basic sleeve to the sleeveless version above with the ruffle neckline. I made it in Navy (love navy such a classic colour) and have a coral little number coming along nicely in linen with lining.

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Another pattern I love is this pattern for a kaftan dress - this would be lovely to wear to a beach wedding or garden party. Very chic and classically cut.

LOVE these colours, fabric is linen. 

The new look pattern below I've made about 5 times - I made the coral coloured dress (on the front of the pattern) in a few different fabrics including linen (left) and cotton sateen. This dress is a very flattering cut and the skirt drapes over your curves beautifully. I love a v-neckline as I have broad shoulders which look smaller in this dress! The best thing about this pattern is that you can change the bodice and the length to suit as the pattern pieces are interchangeable. This dress was so easy to make!
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This is the first one I made; cotton sateen fabric

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This McCalls pattern I have also made a few times. I make these dresses to wear in summer around the house when it's very hot! I've made this dress from poplin, linen and sateen as well which makes for an easy fitting dress. I made a tie for the waist too to pull it in. There's no zips for this dress it just slips over your head and would make a great maternity pattern as it's an easy fit.

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This Butterick wrap dress was made for a wedding and it turned out beautifully. I made it using cotton sateen which gave the dress a lovely finish. I must say the pattern was a little hard to follow at times as I use an overlocker on all the seams. I did away with the lining but kept the two front interior panels as lining for the front. The collar was the HARDEST thing to do - I scrapped one collar and started it again and it turned out well - it was hard to ease the collar on and place the ruffles far enough and evenly apart. The pattern number is B5320.

I love making clothing for myself, it's a great feeling when something is finished and looks great on - it's even better when you get to tell your admirers who ask where you bought said gorgeous dress from and you can tell them all that you made it!

So what are some of your favourite patterns?? Have a great week and happy crafting! I'm off to make a dress!

Kate x


  1. hi Kate, I love your tag line -I love sewing macarons and fabrics also! I have so many projects to sew and things to fix but i need to make time to drag my sewing machine out. i really wish i had a craft room (or massive workshop) so i could leave it set up. Can't wait to look around your blog.
    cheers Fiona

  2. and I forgot to say these dresses are lovely!

    1. Thanks Fiona! I wish I had more time for them all too! I love seeing all the new pieces you've restored - I have a couple of furniture pieces I want to repaint now, you've given me lots of inspiration! I think all houses should come with crafty rooms now and not just 'the shed' for the blokes! Thanks for stopping by x


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