Saturday, 12 January 2013

Two thousand and thirteen

I do love a new year. It's a time for reflection, even if we're not the overly reflecting type!
For Pink Tulip, we've had such a big 2012 and thank you all for being part of it.  We're very proud of the work and effort we have put in to our little pink tulip over the past year and couldn't have done it without you all. You've made it extra special for us and we've met so many of you, it feels like we have a new bunch of friends. A couple of you have let us into your lives and shown us how lovely our pink tulip pretties look on your little ones too so thankyou!! We love seeing piccies of your little one's, they grow up so fast!

 2012 has been great for us and it has also been a challenge, that's for sure. But if it wasn't challenging would we learn anything? Would we grow? I don't think so. Change is not facilitated by walking down 'easy' street.  Adversity makes us stronger and a better individual for it. It enables us to grow, learn, ignore the bad and to stop sweating the small stuff.  This year we have definitely grown and we are emerging into the 'fresh handmade' business we are and love!
Image Copyright pink tulip designs 2012

We have also had time to reflect and we've decided to make a couple of small changes coming into the new year. Myself and my seamstress assistant Marilyn (love you mum!), will continue to sew and I'll sew when I can. So for the first half of this year we will no longer take custom orders. We do love our custom orders too, we love seeing how creative you guys are with fabric combinations and styles, but for myself, I can't put as much time as I'd like to into them for the first half of this year. Sometimes they take away the creativity we'd like to unleash on the world. It also means less time to sew for our market nights and online store. So for the first half of the year, we'll make you some gorgeous outfits and they'll be available on either our facebook page or our online store. We'll keep you updated with new releases and new fabrics. Yes you know that Heather Bailey lives here and the lovely Jennifer Paganelli also makes an appearance (we love gorgeous fabrics). We have some new styles in the works too.

Image courtesy Heather
We have an abundance of fabric too so there will be no shortage of gorgeous things that's for sure, so we'll have more one of a kind pretties. We'll also look into having a market night or two over the first half of the year so that there's more of a chance to get a hold of our goodies. Our homewares range is expanding too, we'll still be stocking gorgeous brands including My Wooden Heart, Bush to Beach candles and Robert Gordon homewares. These will be available in our online store.

So why is it we're changing the way things are? The reason is this...I need to finish my study - it's my master's actually. I have been studying whilst sewing and working full time and the time has come to write the last of my masters, a research project.  If only the project could be about sewing, I'd pass with flying colours (they'd probably tell me I'm way over the word count too!) However, it's not about sewing, it's about forensic science actually (yep science lover here) so I need to devote some much needed time to accomplish this.

We're also in the process of unleashing our new website later in the new year too. It's been in the works for sometime now but we haven't had the time to finish the final tweaks ♥

So here's to 2013 and a more unique and fresh pink tulip. We have thoroughly enjoyed our break over Christmas and feel refreshed to start the new year. Hopefully our custom orders will be back in the second half of the year, we know how much you love a custom order! Thanks for being here and here's to a wonderful 2013 to you all! x

Happy 2013!! (Image copyright pink tulip designs 2012).

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