Wednesday, 23 July 2014

One great love..."Burda"

I haven't spent much time in my sewing studio lately. I miss immersing myself in my sewing books and Burda Style sewing magazines and it's obvious they've been gathering dust! It's been a long time since I've sewn anything for myself (we're talking 6 months!) so I thought I'd share with you a dress I made a while ago. I still haven't got the time to sew as yet, there are too many things going on around me, including a house renovation - eeek!

I have been a longtime lover of Burda patterns. I love their european style and the patterns are easy to follow. I have a few of the Burda magazines and early in 2012 I joined their Burda Style website and must admit, I didn't use it all that often (too much PTD sewing going on!). It wasn't until my holidays that I realised how fabulous this site really is! It has to be the one site that now takes up most of my down time!

So what is Burda Style? It's a website that delves into the world of the Burda Style sewing magazine. You can peruse and purchase the latest patterns, browse through the sewing resources and tips and see what other seamstresses around the world have made! There are crafty projects on there too and you can share other creations you've made from other patterns and even add your own pattern. The best section I have found is the projects section - basically when you find a Burda pattern you're thinking about purchasing, you can see the other 'projects' aka items other seamstresses have made from the same pattern. It's good to see what the patterns look like on people too and not just a model.

I love that the patterns are only $5.40AUD approx and are an instant download too! If you sign up for a free account, the patterns you purchase will save to your account so you can access them again and it's easy to remember which patterns you already have. I did find some of the instructions, depending on the pattern, a little vague with not enough detail at times, however Burda are going through the patterns and updating/adjusting their instructions to make the patterns easier to follow.

Burda Style magazine is available in Australia from selected newsagents for around $15 and the magazines include the latest patterns. The patterns come as a paper insert and you just copy the pieces you need from the sheet. To make the process of copying easier, there are Burda tracing kits available from Spotlight stores too.
If you love it as much as I do you can apply directly through Burda for a subscription which is much cheaper than subscribing through one of the Aussie companies offering the subscriptions. You just send an email to Burda and ask that you'd like the english version (otherwise you may end up with the German version which is printed in German).

So what have I made from Burda so far? I made this has an elastic waist and slips over your head. There are no zips and is a great beginner pattern. Here's the link to the pattern:

Image courtesy Burda Style

Image from Burda Style
Here is my version:

copyright PTD 2014

I loved this pattern and will definately be using it again! I made the dress out of cotton sateen fabric and made a couple of changes to the pattern: I didn't add the arm band cuffs as I was happy with the length of the sleeves so I just hemmed them and I didn't add the elastic waist as I love my tanned belt and thought it suited the dress. I did add the button holes to the waist just in case I want to add the elastic later. This dress was very easy to make and took me around 2 hours to cut the fabric and sew the dress together. I have a couple of other fabrics to try with this dress. It's such a relaxed fit too. I think next time I will make a slightly smaller one as it's a little on the big side.

Other projects I am currently working on is a shift dress made from eyelet. I bought some gorgeous fabric from Tessuti fabrics on a trip to Melbourne. They have gorgeous dress fabrics perfect for that extra special project. They also have sewing classes and gorgeous lace from France!

Happy Sewing!

Kate x

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