Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pretty infinity scarf tutorial

So it's been a little chilly up here in North Qld over winter, which never happens! Winter in north qld is normally still warm with some cool weather for approx 2 weeks (it's true I know we shouldn't actually call it winter it's really cool summer weather). BUT! This winter has had some really chilly mornings. I never thought I'd ever get back into my flanny pjs living up here but I was wrong!

I decided to make a nice light scarf to wear on the mornings I was going to freeze. I have a lovely stash of Mercer and Tule fabric that I'm in love with at the moment. I also chose to use some lovely peach chevron fabric from Dear Stella and I just happened to score the last of the bolt for free too so that was an added bonus!

To make the scarf, I followed Katy's tutorial over at Sweet Verbena. Her tutorial is so simple and easy to follow! She made her scarf out of lace with a backing fabric.  I had a hunt around on Pinterest for other tutes and loved Katy's explanation of what to do.

I made one scarf exactly according to Katy's measurements (18 x 45 inches) using the Tule by Leah Duncan fabric. I used two fabrics either side to make the scarf and by following the instructions just chose one side of the fabric as the 'backing' as per Katy's tute.

I used the chevron spot as the backing for one side and the
triangle fabric for the other. 

Whala! The finished product! I love this fabric combo!
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For my second scarf I wanted to use my gorgeous dear stella chevron fabric. One problem I had though is that I only had one yard.  In Katy's tute she says to use a 45 inch x 18 inch rectangle. So for the length I didn't have enough fabric. I wanted my chevrons to go across the body yet they would only fit if I had 45 inches of fabric in length. So I decided to make the scarf shorter and see how it went.
I used my one yard to make up the scarf length (36 inches instead of 45) and kept the width the same.  I thought the scarf would turn out too short but it was the perfect length!  I actually like the shorter length on me as I'm tall and the scarf sits perfectly.

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If you wanted to make a scarf to double around your neck you could try doubling the length and seeing how you go. A good way to measure is with your measuring tape wrapped around your neck like the scarf. You could even make a 1.5 times length scarf so you could wear it with one bigger loop at the bottom and a shorter one at the top.

And don't worry, if you can't sew, we'll be releasing some of these gorgeous scarves for next winter. I should have them in our store by April '15 for our grand reopening! ♥

Happy sewing!

Kate x


  1. The scarfs look great. Love the fabric colours you choose. Will pop on over and check out Sweet Verbena blog.

  2. Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by. The scarf is so easy to make, once you make one you'll definitely be making more! x


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